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Approx 60-90 minutes each way. Steady climb and descent.

 to Stoodley Pike and back to Hebden Bridge

Stoodley Pike from Hebden Bridge Station, through Crow Nest Woods and back by way of Horsehold. Two and a half to three hours

 to Stoodley Pike and back to Hebden Bridge Throughout the route you will see these "Waymarked Trail" arrows. Follow the direction of the arrows.

As you leave Hebden Bridge railway station turn right - the car park is left. Go down the track to the road below and turn right under the railway bridge.

Continue straight on when the road bends round towards the Fairfield area of Hebden Bridge.

Continue straight ahead, joining Wood Top Road, a concrete track, going uphill for 1km.

Wind through the settlement of Wood Top, past a post box, and continue climbing on the cobbled lane, which becomes tarmac.

At the top, turn right and walk through the settlement of Old Chamber.

At the end of Old Chamber, fork right, heading slightly downhill on a track.

About 70 metres after the TV transmitter, take the footpath off to the left, signposted Pinnacle Lane.

The footpath goes through open fields, keeping to the right of the wall.

Towards the top, Stoodley Pike comes into view and shortly after, you come to a tarmac lane, where you turn left.

After 150 metres,  ignore the sign indicating Stoodley Pike straight on and turn right on to a rough wide track known as Kilnshaw Lane.

Continue along the long, straight Kilnshaw Lane past Erringden Grange (below) on your right and wild moorland to your left. Ignore Pennine Bridleway going off to your right, this will be your return route. Sheep and dry stone walls abound in every direction. You follow the lane for about 1½ km to the last farm called Swillington .

 to Stoodley Pike and back to Hebden Bridge

 to Stoodley Pike and back to Hebden Bridge

 to Stoodley Pike and back to Hebden Bridge

 to Stoodley Pike and back to Hebden Bridge

Turn left after Swillington farm and follow the path to the Pike. You are now on the Pennine Way.

From Stoodley Pike back to Hebden Bridge

Return along the same path until you reach the signpost above once more, and retrace your tracks along Kilnshaw Road for about 200 metres.

Two Waymarked Trail arrows indicate the turn left, following the Pennine Bridleway. Just over halfway along this track make a right turn, keeping with the Pennine Bridleway.

 to Stoodley Pike and back to Hebden Bridge

This path is muddy at times but otherwises delightfully grassy underfoot. A welcome change. After a quarter of an hour, walk left into a field and an initially, gravel path. Notice the stream to the left which soon becomes a rich wooded valley.

 to Stoodley Pike and back to Hebden Bridge

You will pass the bridge and signpost above. Don't cross the bridge but continue along the path towards Hebden Bridge.

Eventually there is a gate which leads to the Horsehold Road, at first cobbled and then tarmaced. Hebden Bridge soon comes into sight.

 to Stoodley Pike and back to Hebden Bridge

Follow the road back down into Hebden Bridge. The road from Horsehold meets the main A646 in Hebden at the Coop supermarket. If you wish to return to the station, take the towpath along the Rochdale Canal for ten minutes until the end of Calder Holmes Park, and turn right up to the station.