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Walkers are welcome

Walkers are Welcome UK Network is a nationwide initiative launched in 2007 to encourage towns and villages to be 'welcoming to walkers'.

Hebden Bridge was the first Walkers are welcome town. Since then, the network has expanded rapidly and there are now over 100 towns and villages across the UK that have joined this community-led scheme.

The aim of the Walkers are Welcome network is for towns and villages:

To be attractive destinations for walkers with top quality information on local walks

WaW quilt

In most towns and villages Walkers are Welcome is overseen by a group that combines local businesses involved in the visitor economy, local councils, Local tourism teams and walking organisations.

For more details about the national scheme. go to their website

In Hebden Bridge, perhaps because it was the first Walkers are Welcome town, not such group has been established. This a is a priority for Hebden Bridge Walkers Action.

Mytholmroyd and Todmorden

Our sister town Mytholmroyd has also established itself as a Walkers are Welcome town, overseen by Mytholmroyd Walkers Action. For more details about their work, including their innovative childrens' walks, look at their website

We are currently working with a group in Todmorden with the aim of launching Walkers are Welcome in 2015.

In 2014, Walkers are Welcome created a national banner. Each Town submitted a square. Hebden Bridges square was designed by Louise and Lizzy Lockhart. We though the design was so good that we have made it into a greeting card which you can buy at the Visitors Centre, the Bookcase and outlets in the town.